Why you should get a cane corso dog?

The cane corso is an excellent guard dog, which watches its territory in a discreet way, but which is always vigilant. He is a calm, loyal and extremely loyal dog. He needs room to play and let off steam because he is quite active. Living in an apartment is therefore possible as long as he enjoys hours of games and long walks with his masters. He is a balanced dog but can be aggressive with other male congeners. The power of its jaw is impressive and reaches 700 psi of pressure or more or less 50 kgf / cm2; he is placed just behind the Anatolian Shepherd.

Stick Corsos are totally dedicated to their family and will quite often adhere near them consistently. They are anxious to please and genuinely simple to prepare, but since some can be oppressive, they are not a variety for a fledgling proprietor. They are dubious of outsiders and if not widely mingled can be excessively careful or self-assured. Most, however not all, coexist well with canines of the other gender and with different creatures. In any case, they are not a decent possibility for canine parks. Corsos will more often than not hush up inside however need a moderate measure of activity day by day. A long run or several high-energy play meetings, for example, pulling, getting, or swimming are fine. This is definitely not a decent variety for canine parks. They blossom with mental incitement, and they particularly appreciate crowding and other canine games that join mental and actual difficulties. Coat care is negligible for cane corso puppies for sale.

The cane corso is an athletic, muscular, solid and strong mastiff. Its nose is always black in color, its ears are triangular and pendulous, they were often shortened before the ban on cutting. Its coat is short, tight and shiny, and its coat can be black, lead gray, slate gray, light gray, light or dark fawn, brindle or black brindle. The fawn or brindle subjects have a black or gray mask on the muzzle. A small white spot is allowed on the chest. According to the official standard, the male weighs 45 to 50 kg, for a height at the withers between 64 and 68 cm, and the female between 40 and 45 kg, for a height at the withers between 60 and 64 cm, with a tolerance more or less 2 cm for the sizes its tail is long but before it is forbidden it was very often cut.



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