How does personal injury compensation works?

If an employee is injured due to an accident at work during employment, the employer is obliged to pay compensation and report to the Commissioner of Labour within 14 days, while death cases must be reported within 7 days. 

Employers who fail to report to the Commissioner of Labour without reasonable reasons for overdue or fail to report an employee’s work-related injury, or provide false or misleading information, are illegal and can be fined up to $50,000.
Common personal injury compensation can be resolved through the following channels: the two parties agree to settle the compensation amount; or mediate; or the court decides.

At the same time, personal injury compensation is caused by a third party or caused by the company's negligence, the employee of the work injury can claim against the other party in accordance with the law. When recovering accidental compensation through legal procedures, the most common problem is the budget for lawyers’ fees.
In order to protect the rights of citizens, there is no need to rush to file a claim or give up the right to claim compensation before obtaining legal advice.

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